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Auction Code:174
Paytm Wallet 40000 Auction
Product MRP : Rs.40,000.00
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Bid Status User From Bid
1 UNIQUEv hanumantha raoongole, India-----
2 UNIQUERamesh1990Hyderabad, India-----
3 UNIQUEcoolcancy_nhGurgaon, India-----
4 UNIQUEPrashandhChennai, India-----
5 UNIQUEv hanumantha raoongole, India-----
6 UNIQUEanitha1505HYDERABAD, India-----
7 UNIQUEshashwatHyderabad, India-----
8 UNIQUEanitha1505HYDERABAD, India-----
9 UNIQUEanitha1505HYDERABAD, India-----
10 UNIQUEkrkabadiHUBLI, India-----
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Bid Fee Rs.11.00
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-please  check the remaining bids for the closing of the auction.

Product Details 

Paytm Wallet

After winning this auction money will be transfer to your paytm wallet or you can transfer the auction money in your apkabid account as bid credits.


for any issue just contact only








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